Weather Radio

Silicon Labs introduced the Si4707 Weather Band Receiver IC several years ago.  Some of the many features included are:

  • Weather band support (162.4–162.55 MHz)
  • SAME processor
  • 1050 Hz alert tone detection
  • Frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO
  • Programmable reference clock
  • 2.7 to 5.5 V supply voltage

For complete details and specifications go here.

Now AIW Industries has released a super user-friendly breakout board that allows you to experiment with this IC.  It is shown below.

The link for more information on this is here.  A complete Arduino library along with an example sketch can be downloaded below.

12.9 KB

If we take the Si4707 board from AIW and an intelligent display from 4d Systems, we can build something like this in a matter of minutes!

The details for this project can be found in this file:

21.1 KB

My original Arduino library using XR-2211's for decoding NOAA SAME messages is in this file:

48.6 KB

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